Freedom of Information Act

Stautory Basis

“Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government, it is declared to be the public policy of the State of Illinois that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials and public employees consistent with the terms of this Act. Such access is necessary to enable the people to fulfill their duties of discussing public issues fully and freely, making informed political judgments and monitoring government to ensure that it is being conducted in the public interest.

This Act is not intended to be used to violate individual privacy, nor for the purpose of furthering a commercial enterprise, or to disrupt the duly-undertaken work of any public body independent of the fulfillment of any of the fore-mentioned rights of the people to information.

This Act is not intended to create an obligation on the part of any public body to maintain or prepare any public record which was not maintained or prepared by such public body at the time when this Act becomes effective, except as otherwise required by applicable local, State or federal law.

These restraints on information access should be seen as limited exceptions to the general rule that the people have a right to know the decisions, policies, procedures, rules, standards, and other aspects of government activity that affect the conduct of government and the lives of any or all of the people. The provisions of this Act shall be construed to this end.” 5 ILCS 140/1

Library Purpose and Number of Employees

The Library is a unit of local government incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services: (a) establishing, equipping, and maintaining a public library (b) acquiring and circulating book, periodicals, pamphlets, musical scores, audio visual material, and other educational materials (c) providing reference areas and a reading room (d) providing cultural, educational, and informational programs for the public (e) doing all other things necessary to carry on an efficient public library service. The library employs approximately 100 full and part-time employees.

Library Budget

 A copy of the current Library budget is available on the legal notices bulletin board in the Library and on the Library's website at:

Library Board and Board Committees

The Library is governed by an elected seven-member Board of Trustees. The library board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month, unless rescheduled and notice given in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.


Kathleen M. O’Laughlin (President)
Lisa G. McDonald (Vice-President)
Stuart Wolf (Treasurer)
Jan Barshis (Secretary)
Virginia George (Trustee)
Michael Levitan (Trustee)
Ronald Rodgers (Trustee)

Trustee Committee Assignments

Audit/Minutes - McDonald, O'Laughlin, and Rodgers
Facilities & Equipment - Barshis, George, O'Laughlin, and Rodgers (Chair) 
Finance Committee - Levitan, McDonald, O'Laughlin, and Wolf (Chair)
Illinois Library Association (ILA) Representative - Barshis
Intergovernmental Cooperation (IGCC) - O'Laughlin

Library Organization Chart



The Administrative Assistant, Cynthia McMillan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Director, Heather McCammond-Watts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) are the Library's FOIA Officers.

Upon receipt of a written request, via mail or e-mail, to one of the Library's FOIA officers, a copy of any Library non-exempt public record, as defined in and covered by the act, will be supplied by the Library to the requester within five business days (21 days if it is for commercial purposes) or within 10 days of a written request where an extension of time for disclosure has been sent.

The FOIA, it should be noted, provides that a requester may ask for records rather than information. This means that the Library is only required to look for an existing record or document in response to a FOIA request. The Library is not obliged to create a new record to comply with a request. The Library is neither required to collection information it does not have, not must the Library do research or analyze data for a requester.


The fees for copying the material requested are as follows: (a) the first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal paper are free (b) $0.15 per page after the first 50 pages (c) actual cost of reproduction for colored copies and copies sized other than letter or legal (d) actual cost of recording medium for reproduction of electronic records (flash drive, blank CDs, etc.) (e) $1.00 for certified copies. Fees may be waived or reduced if waiver is in the public interest.

 If the search will be extensive, the Library employee will make every effort to narrow the scope of the request before proceeding. The anticipated copying cost for large quantities of material must be paid before copying has begun. This shall be done in every instance where the copying cost equals or exceeds $5.00.

 If the FOIA officer intends to deny a request based on "personal privacy" or "preliminary draft" exceptions, he/she must first notify the Public Access Counselor. If the FOIA Officer denies a request, he/she must (a) give a detailed factual basis and provide a citation to legal authority (b) name the FOIA Officer responsible for the denial (c) notify the requester that the he/she has the right to appeal the denial to the Public Access Counselor or the courts (d) provide the Public Access Counselor's address and telephone number to the requester.


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Friends Board Meeting Minutes

Most recent

September 7, 2016


Repair and Renovation Project Updates

During 2015, the Library will be engaged in a year-long repair and renovation project. The project will provide our patrons of all ages with a more comfortable environment and updated services that meet the community’s commitment to a first class library, education, accessibility and environmentally sustainable practices. Please refer to this page for periodic updates on our plans and progress.


On Monday, December 22, sealed bids were opened and read aloud by the construction management team of Frederick Quinn Corporation. The bid responses will now be reviewed in detail to determine the lowest responsive, responsible bidders. The Board will vote on the recommended list of contractors at its January 20th meeting.

There will be two opportunities for the public to learn more about the plans for the project in January. On Thursday, January 15, there will be a presentation at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium by Ellen Clark, Director of the Library and members of the design team including architect Paul Steinbrecher and engineer Jeff Chamberlin. On Saturday, January 17, Director Ellen Clark and members of the Board of Trustees will be available in the main hall of the Library from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to answers questions in a less formal setting. Everyone is welcome to attend either event.


On November 18, 2014 the Board of Trustees of the Wilmette Public Library voted to send a $5.5 million construction project out to bid. All of the funding required for the project is available in the Library’s capital reserve fund.

The project is designed to address three main areas:

- The HVAC Heating and Cooling System. The Library’s current system has components that are 25-60 years old. The new equipment will be more energy efficient and will provide better temperature control throughout the building.

- Restrooms. The new restrooms will comply with current accessibility requirements and provide easier access for families with small children.

- Updates and renovations to various spaces in the building. The Youth Services department and the Current Periodical Room will be reorganized to provide better services, and additional study rooms will be installed on the second and lower levels.

The results of the 2013 community survey informed the plans for the project, as the Library staff have strived to create more comfortable spaces, provide more study areas, and continue to develop services that promote literacy. In addition, every effort is being made to make use of sustainable, environmentally friendly options wherever possible. The Library intends to remain open during the estimated year-long construction process.

The architect for this project is Paul Steinbrecher of Interactive Design Architects, who provided design direction for the Library’s 2009-2010 revitalization project. Frederick Quinn Corp. will provide construction management services and 20/10 Engineering Group are the engineer consultants.

Bid Legal Notice

Welcome to the new website

Content and navigation have been streamlined to make it easier to find what you need and to discover new ways to use the Library.  This new website reflects the spirit and look of the recent renovation to the first floor of the Library.

New features:

  • Library events and programs are featured prominently on the web site. 
  • A new calendar application makes it easy for users to set up a reminder of an event or e-mail details of the event to a friend.  
  •  Registration for some events may be done online. 
  •  Visitors to the web site may add their e-mail addresses to newsletter mailing lists that are of interest to them such as youth events or book clubs.   This e-mail feature includes an easy opt-out on each email received. 
  • A convenient sitemap link is available at the bottom of every page so you can easily skim the topics of every page of the website
  • A search box to search the catalog or the website is prominent on every page.

The Library's new web site will continue to provide access to the services and programs you have come to enjoy from the library.

We welcome your feedback



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