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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover Tuesdays in the Castle
Jessica George

Celie's (Princess Cecelia's) parents are going on a trip. While they were gone, Celie finds a tower she, called it Spyglass Tower, mostly because it had 4 spyglasses in it. When her parents went missing after the trip. Celie found some strange things going on in Spyglass Tower, and he brother Rolf struggled with becoming King.

Reviewer: Avalon B.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
J.K Rowling

In Harry's 2nd year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there is a terrible threat. Something has been petrifying students. Harry must figure out who or what is behind this, before the end of Hogwarts.

Reviewer: Bradley C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Canterwood Crest: Best Enemies
Jessica Burkhart

If you like horseback riding you'll like this book! Sasha and her friend Callie are preparing for the YENT (Youth Equestrian National Team) test. Sasha, her horse Charm, Callie and her horse Jack practice's for it a long time. And then there's Heather Fox and Jasmine King, Jasmine thinks that she'll only make the YENT team and no one else will, ( she also think she's the best rider at Canterwood) and Heather thinks Jasmine wouldn't even make it! So will Sasha, Callie, Heather, and Jasmine make the YENT team? Read this book to find out!! :)

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover A Crooked Kind of Perfect
Linda Urban

If you like the piano, then you might like this book! This book is about a girl named Zoe and she wants to play the piano, but instead, she plays the organ. Near the end of the book, Zoe enters a competion called Preform-O-Rama, and at the competion zoe meets a girl named Mona and Mona wins first place, will Zoe get a prize or will she go home trophy-less?

Reviewer: Kendall V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ms. Hannah is Bananas
Dan Gutman

Ms. Hannah is Bananas! The art teacher wears oven mittens and a dress made of patches! All the extra newspaper get's put in a huge ball. She never throws anything away! She does not even have a garbage can in her room. What is her problem!

Reviewer: Josh A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Mr. Granite is from another planet!
Dan Gutman

Mr. Granite is from another planet! As the school is trying to be the greenest school in the district, they have to pedal on bikes all day long. At night A.J.,Ryan, and Michael try to find out if he has a mask on and is not an alien.

Reviewer: Josh A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ghetto Cowboy
Jesse Watson

Cole was dropped off in Philadelphia to live with his Dad. His life back home was terrible. He skipped school a lot and got in trouble even more. On his way to his Dad's house he sees horse stables. He would never have thought of that. When he met his dad he was to work with the horses. He would shovel what the horses left behind. He thought of ditching his father. He tried that and he was caught. His father for gave him by giving him horse riding lessons. He had to gain the trust of his horse. Then a sereis of bad events happens. A huge storm comes by and blows a hole in the stables. Boo (Cole's horse) burst out of his stable before the wood and bricks could land on him. Boo is now running wild. Cole stopped the madness with Boo by giving him a carrot. Then the city of Philadelphia was going to shut down the stables. Cole will never let go of his horse. So Cole fights back. See if Cole saves his horse and the stables for the other horses. I liked this book because there is always something interesting happening.

Reviewer: Michael V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Divergent
Veronica Roth

This book is set in Chicago in the future, in a dystopian society. The city of Chicago is split into five factions. The factions are Amity, the peaceful, Abnegation, the selfless, Candor, the honest, Dauntless, the brave, and Erudite, the intelligent. Every sixteen-year-old has to choose their faction at a ceremony. The main character, Tris, is torn between her home, Abnegation, and Dauntless. What happens next would be spoiling everything, so I can't tell you more! I recommend this for ages 12 and up because it is very violent and sometimes sad.

Reviewer: Elizabeth L.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Legend of Diamond Lil
Doreen Cronin

I really liked this book because its a mystery. This book is about a search-and-rescue dog called J.J., Moosh, Sugar, Sweetie, Dirt and Poppy(a family of chickens), a possum and a dog named Lillian. Lillian says that the family next door adopted her but she's really hiding out there, also, Lillian said she grew up in Georgia but she really didn't. Will J.J. Find out who she really is?

Reviewer: Kendall V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Familiars
Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson

If you like Magic and suspense, you'll love this book! The main characters is The Familiars, Skylar the blue jay, Gilbert the tree frog, Aldwyn the cat and The Loyal's is Jack, Dalton and Marianne. The Loyal's are Wizards and The Familiars are the wizards animal helpers and they each have a magical power. The Loyal's get kidnapped and will The Familiars find them before the book ends?!

Reviewer: Kendall V.
Rating: star rating

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