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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Magic book Geronimo Stilton The Giant Diamond Robbery
Geronimo stilton

Geronimo Stilton on the case!Geronimo is called by his grandfather, William Shortpaws,to a golf tournament!!! But something is wrong. Geronimo's ball keeps on going into wacky places! Is Geronimo just bad at golf or is Sally Ratmousen's "grandma" behind everything? Find out in Geronimo Stilton, the Great Diamond Robbery.

Reviewer: Dawn J.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover snow treasure
Marie McSwigan

the winter of 1940 was like no other for Norwey they found 20,000 dollars in gold. and children have to carry it on their sleds right under the noses of Nazis and German officers with guns! (the nazis and the germans both want the gold)

Reviewer: Molly M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover the land of stories the enchantress returns
Chris Colfer

twins Alex and Conner Bailey had enough action for twelve year olds. but now that their 13 they need more to the land of stories. but besides that their mother has fallen in love and when bob (her love) is about to propose to her after work the twins and bob find out that their mother has been kidnaped by the evil enchantress. but how will they get their mother back? people from the fairytale world like mother goose and Xantyous the male fairy and the fairy god mother (their grandma) visits them, and they have to follow their grandmothers orders, but will they. two days after living with the fairytale people Alex rides her bike over to her Grandmas cottage and Conner secretly follows her. in the cottage they find a picture that looks familiar to them and then they realize it is the Ugly Duckling pond. but they knew that their Grandma had some way into the land of stories in her house. then they knew it the Ugly Duckling pond was a portal to the land of stories then Conner put his hand inside of the picture and the cottage started to fill up with water and it kept getting higher and higher the twins could barley touch the bottom and then suddenly it all stopped and the cottage was no longer their and neither were the twins the twins were no longer in the normal world they were in the Ugly duckling pond they got out f the Ugly Duckling pond and they met up with froggy again he was almost as tall as conner. froggy took them to reds castle where she was sitting in her library reading in the exact same position she was in on the picture above her. "good morning darling" red said and who might that be "this is Alex and Conner Bailey" suddenly jack and Goldilocks walked in and they all worked together to try to defeat the Evil enchantress. by using the wand of wonderment

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover My Extra Best Friend
Julie Bowe

Ida is going to a sleep away camp! But when Ida got to the camp she saw Liz, Ida's last best friend. Ida was NOT glad to see Liz. Ida and Liz Kept on fighting at the camp. Can Ida have fun and try to be best friends again?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Magic book The Nazi Hunters
Neal Bascomb

This book is really good if you know some background information about world war 2 and the holocaust because of how much information about that time. It is a good spies tale about many people through times of the 50s and 60s.

Reviewer: Ben R.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover a suprise find
Erin Falligant

the main character is you. and you can imagine what it would really be like to this person, because in the book instead of saying like "lily went on a bike ride" it would say "you went on a bike ride." so any way lets get with the story. you were in you apartment packing up things for donations and your friend is gonna be here on a few minutes to pick up the donations and you look at your box, the box is empty. then you look in your jewlery box for something to donate and you see a bracelet with blue beads and green string, you remember when your best friend, Olivia, gave it to you and you also remember when she moved away and how sad you were. oh, you Just remembered that Olivia is coming to stay with you.

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Tom Angleberger

I liked this book because it was really funny and engaging. Even though it had one or two "not so good" parts, I overall liked this book a lot. This book is about a kid named Dwight. Dwight makes this little origami Yoda, and walks around school with it on his finger. Yoda (or Dwight) goes around the school and answers people's questions. One time somebody spilled water on their pants, and had to go to class in one minute. Origami Yoda helped him by telling him to splash water on all of his pants to make it look like he didn't pee his pants. Another kid named Tommy comes around and tries to see if Yoda is real. It is a very good ending. Read the book to find it out!!!

Reviewer: Maddie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Missing Piece
Shel Silverstein

I liked it because it didn't tell the main character's name. It was also very funny and cute. I liked the part when the butterfly landed on it's head. I didn't put it as a ten because it was mostly pictures, and I usually like novels.

Reviewer: Maddie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Annie Auerbach

This book is about two that are really annoying to there other neighbor so he launches a evil scheme to ruin there friendship.

Reviewer: Charlie K.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Are you ready to play outside
Mo Willems

Gerald and Piggy are ready to play outside but will the weather get in there way?

Reviewer: Katie Mae K.
Rating: star rating

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