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Kids' Reviews

Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover Chet Gecko's Detective Handbook and Cookbook
Bruce Hale

I thought it was funny. It had great recipes in the book. It had great tips and even had space for your own notes. It was easy to read and funny enough to make it easy to keep reading it.

Reviewer: David T.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover the worm whisperer
Betty Hicks

I thought this was a very good book because it a great story line. I liked that the family did not give up for what they believed in. It was a great story.

Reviewer: David T.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Just Juice
Karen Hesse

Juice hates going to school because she couldn't read and everyone thought she was stupid. She sneaks away to go with her father. One day an officer came by saying that if Juice missed one day of school her parents would have to go to court. Juice kept going to school and was learning how to read. After a while her mother was having a baby and Juice missed school to help deliver it. Her parent got a fine of one thousand dollars. Do they fix everything and pay the fine? Read JUST JUICE to find out.

Reviewer: Serena S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The View from Saturday
E.L. Koningsburg

Mrs. Olinski chose Noah, Nadia, Ethan, and Julian (The Souls) for her team to compete in the Academic Bowl. No 6th grade team has ever made it past a 7th grade team, but the Souls are in the championship against an 8th grade team. Will they be the first 6th grade team to win the Academic Bowl? Read THE VIEW FROM SATURDAY to find out.

Reviewer: Serena S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ghetto Cowboy
G Neri

Cole lives in Detroit with his mom. But after Cole's mom finds out that Cole is skipping school, Cole's mom sends him to where his dad lives. Cole's parents are divorced and his dad lives in Philadelphia. Cole hates Philadelphia at first but them gets use to it. But the city threatens to shut them down but the cowboys have to fight for their city. This is a great book because it is a good lesson to never give up.

Reviewer: Christopher V.
Rating: star rating

Magic book The Avengers
None Given

The Avengers is the book version of the movie, The Avengers. It mainly talked about the heroes lives before Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.LD recruited them. It ends way before the movie does, and much of the story in between was not explained in great detail. I read this book because I liked the movie, but this book seemed to small to capture the thrill of the story.

Reviewer: Emily K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Uncommon Criminals
Ally Carter

This book is the sequel to Heist Society. Kat Bishop, a teenage thief, is conned into stealing the Cleopatra Emerald for the wrong person. The rest of the book is what she does to get it back.

Reviewer: Elizabeth L.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Light In The Cellar
Sarah Buckey

Molly see's a mysterious light in the cellar of Greystone Manor and there is also missing sugar in multiple places. Will she find out whose been stealing the sugar and who broke into the celler of that old mansion?

Reviewer: Avalon B.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ivy & Bean Break the Fossil Record
Annie Barrows

They were digging to find some bones. I liked the book. There were some funny parts. They put 40 straws in Bean's mouth and then Ivy accidentally put a straw in her mouth and it scratched her mouth. Then all the straws flew out of her mouth!

Reviewer: Madeline E.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ivy & Bean And The Ghost That Had To Go
Annie Barrows

I loved the book. There was a ghost in the bathroom. And a funny part when someone said Do sit, Dusit! You should read it.

Reviewer: Madeline E.
Rating: star rating

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