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Horse Stories

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Picture Books (JE)

Addy When Wishes Were Horses
Anderson Billy and Blaze
Anderson Blaze and the Mountain Lion    (Paperback)
Anderson Blaze and Thunderbolt    (Paperback)
Baker Seneca
Brett Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
Chandra A Is for Amos
Collington The Midnight Circus
Damrell With the Wind
Darrow Old Thunder and Miss Raney
Goble The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
Haas Appaloosa Zebra: A Horse Lover's Alphabet
Herzig Bronco Busters
High The Girl on the High-Diving Horse
High Winter Shoes for Shadow Horse
Lange John and Tom
Lattimore Frida Maria: A Story of the Old Southwest
Lester Black Cowboy, Wild Horses: A True Story
London Mustang Canyon
McDonnell Giddy-up! Let's Ride!
McMillan Gletta the Foal
Paraskevas Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse
Rounds Once We Had a Horse
Ruepp Winter Pony

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Coerr Chang's Paper Pony
Guest Iris and Walter: True Friends
Heilbroner Robert, the Rose Horse
Hess Shetland Ponies
Hoff Barney's Horse
Hoff Chester
Hoff The Horse in Harry's Room
Hoff Thunderhoof
Lobel Lucille
Ransom Rescue on the Outer Banks
Shub The White Stallion

Children’s Fiction (J)

Anderson High Courage
Anderson Phantom, Son of the Gray Ghost
Anderson The Blind Connemara
Anderson The Outlaw
Baglio Horse in the House    (Paperback)
Betancourt Pony Pals    (Series/Paperback)
Bryant Saddle Club    (Series/Paperback)
Byars Little Horse
Casanova Stealing Thunder
Classic Classic Horse and Pony Stories
Cooper Sandmare
Crompton The Snow Pony
Duey Bonita
Duey Esperanza
Farley The Black Stallion    (Many others by this author)
Gasque Pony Trouble
Goble Lone Bull's Horse Raid
Haas Runaway Radish
Henry King of the Wind
Henry Misty of Chincoteague
Henry Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague
Jeppson Here Comes Pontus!
Jeppson You're Growing Up, Pontus!
Keith Chico and Dan
Kinsey-Warnock If Wishes Were Horses
Levin Gift Horse
Mason A Pony Called Lightning
Nelson Gift Horse: A Lakota Story
Polacco Mrs. Mack
Rounds Stolen Pony
Roy The Runaway Racehorse    (Paperback)
Saunders Lucky Lady
Sewell Black Beauty    (Several editions available)
Skurzynski Ghost Horses
Snyder Gib and the Gray Ghost
Warner The Mystery of the Wild Ponies    (Paperback)

Junior High Fiction (Y)

Adler One Unhappy Horse
Bagnold National Velvet
Doty If Wishes Were Horses
Haas Will You, Won't You?
Hart Shadow Horse
Lester The Snow Pony
Morey Year of the Black Pony
Peck Horse Thief: A Novel
Peyton Blind Beauty
Schultz Horse Sense: The Story of Will Sasse, His Horse Star, and the Outlaw Jesse James
Steinbeck The Red Pony
Willliams The Ghost Stallion

Last Updated: 7/06